A platform that offers the most awesome workspaces out there!

My first workspace.

We connect co-workers, seeking a place away from home to work productively, with hotels offering an inspiring environment, so that working will increase their productivity, creativity and build a sense of collaboration – all with no strings attached.

The idea…

Having struggled to find workspaces as consultants or as students in Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid and other cities, we always ended up in overcrowded cafés which we found on tripadvisor. Booking a desk at a co-working space was out of question too, as the offers seemed overpriced, bound to monthly subscriptions and inflexible. 

That is when the idea of cobby was born: Connecting people looking for inspiring workplaces (co-workers) with hotel lobbys offering a space, unlimited coffee, tea & water and WIFI for a minimal daily price. 

We then applied to the Startup@HSG Entrepreneurial Talents program and got selected (whohoo!) receiving an initial funding to get started and mentoring to work on our idea!

As we started to transform the idea into reality the world was facing the COVID-19 crisis and we had to rethink: We started offering daily entals of hotel rooms as offices as an alternative to working from home. But now we are operating our initial idea and you can go and work with cobby at our partners close to you!

Do you own a hotel or any other space?

cobby offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you're not using your space fully yet, why not rent it to other people while it's free. And even if you are using your space every day (we understand, it's so good), why not invite other people to join you when there is some extra space for more people to work, innovate and collaborate? All you need to do is add your listing. Once we verify it you receive some cobby-mugs (for the unlimited coffee, tea and water) you can receive co-workers!

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